I live in a small Cotswolds town with lots of friendly people, beautiful walks and greenery around. I am happily married and have a son who is growing into a wonderful young man and a dog, I am a very lucky person….

I have a bachelors degree in Visual Arts/Design and a masters degree in Arts/Design. Many years ago I worked in the film industry for a while and then when I settled down I changed career and worked in the graphic design industry for a long period. I grew tired of working for someone else and managing high levels of stress and after a lot of soul searching I came to the conclusion that I enjoy developing ideas and materialising them because I am very skilful with my hands.

I have been working in 3D design for many years, not commercially, just designing objects, furniture or working in sculpture here and there for my home or family. I also sell my wood designs at the local craft market and I am also looking for other venues to market them.

I am currently concentrating on personalised wood designs and they are just the start of a new career plan. As my business grows I will look forward to design and add to my product range other products. My work ethos is to create a personalised design that brings people a smile and happiness.